Super basic HTML / CSS


< p style= “color: green; font-family: Arial;” >My name is Dan Curran, born and raised in Mill Valley, CA.</p>


We all have to start somewhere right?

The last two weeks I have been working my way through Code Academy’s entry-level HTML / CSS instruction. I would liken it to the chintzy little aircraft fight pilot cadets are assigned to fly during training before they can even dream of flying something like the F-35.

<li>Succulents and Cacti</li>
<li>Working on Zipgun</li>
<li>Eating Healthy</li>
<li>Riding My Bike</li>


From what you can see here, the focus is mainly on learning to post content (paragraphs, lists, headings, etc.) as well as apply some in-line style to the various elements. I can almost feel a seasoned web developer patting me on the head right now (“Very good Dan! Very very good!”).

Okay, so if I know how to organize content using <div> tags and apply style elements using CSS (because we all know inline styles aren’t that efficient), then why am I wasting time with this entry level content? Simply put,  I need to train my mind to focus on code, even if it’s just generating lists of my hobbies and favorite movie quotes to start. How can I be expected to program complex website behaviors down the road if I’m not even willing to patiently work through the basics in the present?

Remember the Karate Kid? It would be like if Daniel-San asked Mr. Miyagi “Aye, enough of this sanding your walkway and painting your fence, can we just get right to the crane kick?” As with mastering anything else, it’s all about taking the time to master the essentials before you get to take on the flashy moves that win you the All- Valley Karate Tournament.

Okay, enough of the hack movie comparisons and “You gotta learn to run before you walk” cliches, time to get back to work.


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