Dan, so why coding?

Years ago I had intentions to be a public relations superstar or a celebrated copywriter. I had graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Communications, self-assured the education I had received would certainly allow me to land a high paying job immediately. Well, it really didn’t turn out like that.

I don’t want to spend my time going down a laundry list of issues which led to my career stagnation, but let’s say they involved a whirlpool of heartbreak, partying, the Great Recession, and the foolish belief I would never grow old. Fast forward to 2016 Los Angeles; as I realized my career path has led to less than acceptable work towards my long term goals, the need for a drastic change was in order. Specifically, a career change.

Copy-writing and editing has always felt rewarding to me but it’s never allowed me to thrive, only survive. The higher level jobs have always eluded me and freelancing can only take one so far in this field. I realized the need for a career path which satisfied my creative nature while offering security for the future.

Coming to the conclusion I wanted to pursue coding wasn’t right off the bat. There were a number of long nights falling asleep and many mornings laying in bed long after waking where all I did was think “What do I want to do with my life?” But when the idea to train myself to code hit me, it felt like finding a gold bar on the sidewalk.

Stringing together code is an art form. You’re calling together a number of variable elements to form a cohesive whole. Whether it’s a website, mobile app, or any number of other applications, coders are architects, coders are digital artists crafting the online experience utilized by millions of people the world over.

Code is incorruptible. It follows standards and organization which appeals to me greatly. Code presents a suitable challenge in it’s learning process with the promise of very real rewards given an adequate investment of time and energy. I wake up in the mornings and all I can think of is “I wonder what I’ll pick up today?”

So for right now, my plan is to engage in a course of self study via Coding Academy to which I already have a pro account. As I progress further along their full stack development path a tutor may be in order to help me with the higher level concepts. Within six months I hope to be proficient enough in the basicsĀ  at which time I plan to enroll in the UCLA extension Coding Boot Camp, excel, get my developers certification, and from there set about building a rewarding career.

That’s the plan at any rate. There’s no illusions on my part there will be difficulties along the way but that’s nothing compared to the sense of disappointment of looking back at a year of having done nothing except survive and not thrive. Ech, that last bit sounds like it belongs on some teenagers Tumblr page, but it’s true. Better to try and fail then never try at all. Oof, again with the trite Tumblr talk, let’s just get started already.


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